White Oak Construction Earns EarthWISE Certification from Marion County

Salem, Ore. (April 30, 2014) Mark Fox, owner of White Oak Construction is pleased to announce that their company has been designated EarthWise Certified by Marion County.

Fox said, “We named our company White Oak Construction because the white oak tree itself is strong and durable. We want to meet that standard by making each construction project just as durable and eco-friendly as our namesake. In each project we strive to preserve and reuse materials. We carefully recycle materials and use energy efficient features in all that we do.”

To become EarthWISE certified, White Oak Construction was required to meet certain criteria in the area of recycling, waste reduction and prevention, environmentally preferable purchasing, energy efficiency and conservation, water pollution prevention and outreach and education.  They also completed an assessment, interview and inspection from Alan Pennington, Waste Reduction Coordinator at Marion County Public Works-Environmental Services Department.

White Oak Construction’s office itself is a testament to its commitment to sustainability. Says Pennington, The company’s beautifully remodeled office, at 2455 River Road South, “was not only built for aesthetics, but with an eye for conserving water and energy.”

White Oak Construction already emphasized environmentally friendly practices in its business with a strong recycling program that recycles or properly disposes of all building materials.

For more information visit www.WhiteOakConstruction.net or 503-588-3081.