Our Philosophy

White Oak Tree

The white oak tree is beautiful, nourishing and strong. In the wild it can grow up to 100 feet tall with a trunk four feet across and a massive, broad-topped canopy. Its acorns and leaves provide food for all kinds of woodland animals. It gives back to its environment. The wood of the white oak resists water and rot and is often used in shipbuilding or to make barrels for wine and whiskey.  Japanese martial artists build their weapons out of white oak because it is strong and resilient. White oak doesn’t break easily. It lasts. The oldest ship in the US navy, the USS Constitution, is made from white oak. In nature, white oaks can live to be 200-300 years old. We want to meet that standard by making your project just as beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly as our namesake.

Team Advocate

Whether our role is construction manager, general contractor or consultant, White Oak will work hard to represent the client’s interests and advocate on their behalf in all phases of construction.

Initially, our goal is to ensure all project participants develop a shared vision and common set of expectations. Ultimately our goal is to ensure that the entire construction team is working toward the same goals to ensure a successful project.

Let’s work together.

Quality Building

We want every one of our clients to receive a high-quality product and we take this responsibility seriously. To make that happen, we do things like:

  • Always plan in quality instead of inspect in quality
  • Budget, schedule, and plan our work thoroughly in advance
  • Build good relationships with our clients, architects, and subcontractors
  • Always do work that makes us proud

Sustainable Building

We understand the impact our work can have on future generations and the environment. We make sure our projects are sustainable in the long term by:

  • Building in ways to use energy efficiently and conserve heat, light and water
  • Using locally produced and recycled materials
  • Working with local contractors whenever possible
  • Incorporating an active waste management system


Good planning makes great projects happen. We build a detailed project schedule that includes design development, budgeting, construction design, permitting, construction and close out. We build our critical path schedule backwards from the move-in date so we can address specific areas in the pre-construction phase that often are overlooked for their importance in meeting the final deadline.

Special attention is given to occupant needs (furniture, IT, move coordination etc.) to create a clear picture of expectations throughout the project.