White Oak Construction Wins People’s Choice at Salem Contractors Exchange Annual Meeting

IMG_3349Lincoln City, Ore. (May 22, 2014) – At its annual banquet in Lincoln City, Salem’s White Oak Construction (WOC) was honored with a number of awards for both individual and project achievement. They received:

People’s Choice Award for the Department of Human Services (DHS) tenant improvement project.

WOC Subcontractors Awards based on the Contractors Specification Institute Categories:

Individual Achievement:

o   Division 9 Finishes/Drywall:  Alex Rux of LP Company (DHS)

o   Division 26-Electrical: Oliver Raab, Jet Industries, (DHS)

Project Achievement:

o   Division 9 Finishes Drywall award: LP Company (DHS)

WOC  and their subcontractors Certificates of Recognition:

o   Division 1  Projects valuing $2-5 million:  WOC (DHS)

o   Division 7 Roofing:  Rick Grabenhorst, McGilchrist Roofing (DHS)

o   Division 9 Carpet:  Darrell Salter, Rubensteins Carpet (DHS)

o   Division 9 Painting: Dave Rudiman, Pacific Painting (Willamette Valley Treatment Center)

o   Division 21 Fire Suppression: Oliver Raab Jet Industries (DHS).